Technical operation of existing installations

Has your technical management just taken over an existing PV installation? Then you should immediately take an inventory of the new photovoltaic system. This is because in many cases, several preparatory measures are necessary before operational monitoring using monitoring software can be started. In the following, 4-part article series, "Technical operation management of existing photovoltaic [...]

Insulation faults in PV systems

Every PV operator knows the following error situation: one or more inverters start late, especially on rainy days. The message is "Fault - Insulation Fault". Here one can easily see that the "red" inverter starts up much later. The background is that each inverter in a PV system carries out an insulation measurement [...]

Cleaning solar power installations (Part 2) – The various cleaning techniques

In the PV cleaning market many different methods are available for cleaning PV modules. Which cleaning system should be chosen depends, among other things, on the local conditions, the size of the installation, the module type and the degree of pollution. In this article, the most frequently used techniques are described and instructions given, which [...]

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Cleaning solar power installations (Part 1) – Causes and consequences of pollution

There exist some studies on the pollution of PV plants in southern regions with very little rainfall. But there are many causes of pollution and often complete self-cleaning by rain, even in regions with higher rainfall, cannot be assumed. The self-cleaning effect depends significantly on the inclination of the solar modules. The smaller the angle [...]

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