Operational monitoring

In addition to the Smartblue data logger and the Smart Control control station with intelligent fault detection, we also provide a service for the operational monitoring of solar plants and solar parks. We therefore actively support our customers in the troubleshooting and analysis of their PV systems.

The following process is carried out for operational monitoring:

  • The Smartblue service team will review and analyse daily events for the systems being monitored.
  • If a special event or a system error is reported, Smartblue performs a manual analysis. If necessary, we supplement the error message with additional information that is useful for troubleshooting and error elimination, insofar as this can be gathered from the available data provided by the installed monitoring technology.
  • Smartblue informs the customer of the error and error image by e-mail, and also by telephone as required, until the customer has rectified the error.
  • The transfer of service is successful upon completion of the analysis of existing data sets. The customer is responsible for repair and exchange processes.

Operational monitoring is also available as a supplementary module for users of our Smart Control control station, and is the ideal complement for technical operators of solar plants and solar parks as it can save time and better recognise PV errors.