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Technical operations management with Smart Control

  • Regardless of the hardware you use (SolarLog, Meteo Control, SMA, Fronius, RefuSol, Kostal, Kaco, Phoenix Contact, WebDyn, and many more), you can monitor all of your plants through an intuitive-to-use portal. This saves time, money and resources.
  • Lower your service costs by reducing the number of time-consuming fault operations by only generating tickets when there are genuine faults.
  • Increase your service yields by using intelligent fault analysis for the early detection of gradual errors and reduced output that would otherwise remain undetected.
  • Smart Control adapts to your service workflow, and not the other way around. This means a significantly shorter familiarisation period for your employees.
  • Optionally, compare the yield from your plants with target radiation values from satellite monitoring data.
  • Generate automated reports for customers and investors, including all relevant identification numbers, thereby proving your reliability and competence.
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The next step for operation managers and solar installers

Is your operation currently divided between numerous proprietary solutions from different manufacturers? Do your employees find these complex to handle and difficult to learn? The Smart Control control station combines the technical operation of your solar plants into one intuitive portal and helps you to detect gradual errors, increase the yield of your plants, and to conserve valuable operating time for your service staff. Grow your service business and reduce costs at the same time.
Detailansicht im Smart Monitor

Smart Control example views

The Smart Control control station in detail

Only one portal for all systems

Your O&M service needs to be profitable for your company, even when providing high quality and maximum customer satisfaction. For as long as your employees need to use several monitoring portals for system monitoring, it will unfortunately be increasingly difficult to achieve these goals. Would you like to consolidate everything into one service portal? With the Smart Control control station, you only need one portal right from the start. Smart Control combines data streams from all commercially available monitoring manufacturers – (SolarLog, MeteoControl, SMA, Kaco and many more, see compatibility list [german]) – into a combined, clear view of the control station. Service organisation therefore becomes much easier, your employees will be relieved of unnecessary tasks, and your service quality and profitability will increase.

No new hardware required

Do you look after PV plants that are equipped with various different data logger systems? The Smart Control control station is compatible with your existing monitoring hardware. All commercially available logging systems are supported, even those that are already built into the inverter by a number of inverter manufacturers. Any new monitoring hardware used in your plants that is not yet supported, can be integrated upon request in the short-term thanks to the flexible expandability of the control station.

How can you lower your service costs?

If you are somebody who relies on monitoring via an inverter manufacturer or a common monitoring provider, you will already be familiar with this problem. Often, dozens of identical errors can occur on any given day, and all that is received is a trivial warning. Evaluating and sorting them costs time and effort, yet your service team often ends up going out for free, just to “to make sure”. At the same time, harder-to-detect errors that are critical to output are overlooked. Smart Control analyses the error notifications in advance using intelligent algorithms, and assigns them a level of urgency and severity depending on how critical to output they are, before summarising and collating identical notifications. In this way, your service team will be able to ensure that important and expensive fault operations, along with associated costs, are avoided in the future. In addition, gradual revenue losses can be recognised, which could cost your customers income, while also damaging your reputation.

Increase service revenues

Despite the ongoing energy transition, the market for new equipment is shrinking while at the same time, service and maintenance are generating an ever-larger share of sales in the solar industry. Smart Control helps you to pinpoint subtle errors and reduced performance. This means you can generate greater service revenue for your company, while at the same time creating income for your clients that would otherwise elude them. Customer satisfaction and confidence in your services will continue to grow.

Easy and intuitive operation

Users will find the Smart Control control station to be compact, providing exactly what is needed and no more. The only functions and views to have been integrated are those that offer informative value. This saves your staff time in terms of training, and allows you to facilitate an exchange of personnel resources. In contrast to many other portals, the operation of the Smart Control control station is very intuitive, and its ease of use will effectively support your service staff.

Natural ticket workflow

Smart Control adapts to your service organisation and not the other way around. This means no need for a familiarisation period for your employees. Smart Control supports your service processes:

  • Automatic generation of tickets with level of severity (information purposes through to output-critical error)
  • Clear information regarding cause/location of error and possible solution
  • Redirect to eligible service technician
  • Processing and status updates of tickets by on-site personnel
  • Your control centre manager or authorised service personnel can always add to service tickets and comment on them
  • Automatic archiving of documentation of event information and the comments entered

Automatic reporting

Generate automated reports for customers and investors, including all relevant identification numbers, thereby proving your reliability and competence. You can access the most important system data at a glance, including system performance in relation to the static output forecast, as well as the contact details for support or the system administrator. If the option “Sat data benchmark” was applied to the relevant PV-system, this is displayed as an earnings forecast in the revenue report. Reports can be automatically sent as PDFs via e-mail.

Compare system yield

Would you or your customer like to compare the yield of various systems with the actual radiation values from satellite monitoring data? Smart Control offers you a solution where the satellite data benchmark can be used as an option for each individual PV-system activated in the Smart Control.