smartblue AG, a leading German PV monitoring company and Italian based I.C.iT software solutions have announced a distribution partnership to expand Smartblue‘s PV monitoring cloud solution in order to address the increasing PV monitoring demand in Italy.

The smartblue PV monitoring system allows us to offer our customers around the world an innovative and eye-catching solution. The demand for PV monitoring in Italy is increasing due to the consistent large and small scale installations initiated within the country, and we are very excited to partner with a likeminded company to help us operate within the Italian market” Says Günter Seel, founder and CEO of smartblue AG.

Under the partnership, Smartblue’s modular PV monitoring system will be offered by I.C.iT software solutions to potential customers in Italy. The smartblue PV monitoring system offers investors, installers and operators a sophisticated software solution with the objective of helping them secure their photovoltaic maintenance and operations, without incurring excessive costs. The software monitors and analyzes real-time energy production of each PV system. The monitoring system can automatically report fault messages to the management allowing for quick response which can minimize production losses. It sends weekly and monthly reports to the customer, offering a full range of information on the performance of each photovoltaic system, helping customers to keep an eye on the levels of production of their plants.

This complete and intuitive monitoring software was developed in Germany and ideal for the management of small, medium and large photovoltaic plants anywhere in world. This is a perfect solution for installers and wholesalers who then want to offer their customers the best and most complete package.

About smartblue AG

Smartblue develops and runs software and processes to monitor and optimize zero emission energy systems. As a hardware independent specialist, Smartblue delivers a software service for the maintenance, life-cycle management, production forecasting and remote control of photovoltaic and energy storage systems together in one centralized system. Visit for more information.

About I.C.iT software solutions

I.C.IT is based in South Tyrol and has been offering professional energy solutions for wholesalers and installers since 2007. We offer high-tech made in Germany software solutions and selected hardware supports for the managing and monitoring of energy and photovoltaic systems. Thanks to the direct partnership with the producers, we can offer competitive prices. The online portal “”, an I.C.iT project founded in 2009, represents a meeting point for investors, who want to buy existing photovoltaic systems on roofs with minimal risk and maximum return.