The Smartblue data logger

The Smartblue data logger is designed for the monitoring of measuring and control components in PV power generating plants using a smart control portal. It is compatible with many inverter and measurement technology manufacturers. Additional solutions for customised software and hardware interfaces for existing installations, new systems and future requirements can be supplied on request. The base version is optionally supplied with software and components for system control and direct marketing according to system operator specifications. To ensure maximum reliability and long-term availability of the components, industrial-grade automation components from Phoenix Contact and Teltonika are used. In German plants, the mobile wireless router comes pre-configured with a Telecom D1 M2M data card and a VPN certificate.

Park control

The Smartblue park control works with the PV system to provide datalogging, feed-in management and direct marketing in one integrated solution. The park management is implemented individually according to the requirements of the network operator (EVU; energy supply company) and the direct marketers (DV). The technical measurement data is transferred in accordance with the remote control unit of the energy supply companies, the direct marketing portal and the Smartblue monitoring portal. To communicate via remote control with the PV unit, secure VPN connections and mobile wireless routers are used. We provide support to the network operator and direct marketer, including throughout the commissioning process, right up until the point at which the system is accepted. The Smartblue park control system can be extended, depending on individual requirements.

Direct marketing

For PV systems with an installed capacity of 100 kWp or more, which were put into operation after 1 January 2016, the amendment of EEG 2014 has meant it is now obligatory that they take part in direct marketing (§21 EEG 2017, previously §37 EEG 2014). In addition, EEG 2012 compliant existing installations can participate in the market premium model, thereby gaining financial advantages over the feed-in tariff. Smartblue offers a customised solution in accordance with IEC60870-5-101/104 (alternative Modbus TCP/RTU) for the retrofitting of existing monitoring systems, or for a clean installation of a system to connect any direct marketer from a single source.

More information can be found in the Smartblue datalogger product brochure (PDF, german only) or directly from our sales team!