The MPP (“Maximum Power Point”), is the combination of voltage and current in a solar module where it provides maximum power (= product of current and voltage). It is not constant but changes with alternating temperature and light conditions. As part of the monitoring of PV systems it is desired to operate at optimum MPP to optimize income. For this among other thingsan MPP tracker is used.

Technical management

Although solar systems are very low maintenance and have longevity with the lack of wearing parts and consumption material, there is also a permanent maintenance of the components which is required. Errors and defects can creep in either during the initial installation or during operation. A deterioration of the system performance occurs regularly. The technical management as one of the two management components here takes on the job to provide a frictionless function of the PV system. Errors or omissions are detected and eliminated. Management is practically indispensable. In the private sector this was not affordable to date, but now there is consistently progress in in the field of PV monitoring.

Ground-mounted system

Ground-mounted systems are built mainly on large, walk-in areas on the “green field” and conceived as solar power plants. They are simple in construction as roof installations and achieve the specific configuration (possibility for ideal alignment, better ventilation of the modules) generally better yields on rooftops. Ground-mounted systems are usually equipped with many inverters which combine the streams of partially more than one thousand modules. Ground-mounted systems are used mainly to steadily earn income for the investors of the plant. Continuous monitoring and technical management is especially important in this type of PV systems.


Consider your monitoring concept already in the planning phase of the plant. Subsequent retrofitting a solution costs in almost all cases, significantly beyond than when it has already been incorporated into the design.


Combination of the Greek word Phos” (light) and the name of the physicist Alessandro Volta. The term describes the generation of electricity from solar energy. The abbreviation for photovoltaics is “PV.