• What kind of dataloggers can work with the smartblue solution? Smartblue supports devices from SMA, Kaco, Solare Datensysteme (SolarLog) and many more. Since we continually add new data loggers, please check the current compatibility list directly with us.
  • Can I use the solution prior to production? Yes, a test is possible. Also in parallel with your existing monitoring solutions. Please contact us and we can assist with the setup of your   Smartblue solution for operational management. Or you can also get access to our demo console, without interfering with your existing system.
  • What are the key benefits of Smartblue Solutions? You save time, because all of your datalogger are in a monitoring portal. The learning curve for your staff is considerably reduced. Automated fault detection reduces the operating time of your maintenance and saves costs.
  • Which areas of the renewable energy support smart blue? We are currently focusing on the core area of ​​photovoltaics. However, the algorithms and functions of our solutions can be extended to the areas of wind power and hydropower. Please contact us to inquire about this. Missing information here? We are happy to answer all your questions in a personal conversation or email. Click here to reach out to us